Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Principles.

🌍 Our Vision - The 'Why'

Democratise investing

We want a world where everyone has equal rights to participate in global prosperity. No matter who you are, where you're from, or how much money you have.

Fund local experts

Currently, mostly large international funds are receiving serious capital from investors. We believe local experts should have the same chances to get their ideas and visions funded. Breaking down entry barriers will help more innovative local projects grow and thrive.

Beneficial investing

We want a world where more money benefits the people and the environment. We want more funds to positively impact the world at large. We want to see more ESG (Environment / Social / Governance) and impact investing.

Reduce global inequality

The world financial system still hinders many countries and even continents from participating equally in global growth and creates a two-class society. We want to help level the playing field by building bridges and opening the economy to more and more humans on planet earth.

🚀 Our Mission - The 'What'

We democratise financial markets by lowering entry barriers, eliminating middlemen, and increasing transparency:

Reducing fees and minimum investment amounts By lowering fees and ticket sizes, we allow more people to invest, increase profits for investors, and cut down costs for fund managers. A win-win-win.

Automating the back office We reduce repetitive & error-prone manual tasks by standardising onboarding & investment processes. We believe in working smarter, not harder.

Faster liquidity An integrated secondary market allows fund managers to offer an attractive alternative to costly redemptions. Investing for just three years? No problem. Do you want to hold your investment for seven years? This is also possible — all within one efficient closed-ended vehicle.

Fewer middlemen By using Blockchain technology, we enable trading without counterparty risk. We aim to eliminate the need to employ third parties for bookkeeping, clearing and settling trades.

Increased transparency We believe in creating transparency for investors, fund managers, and fund administrators. We aim to define a new standard for investment funds with fair fees for all parties.

⚓️ Our Principles - The 'How'

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